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External threats, aging infrastructures, personnel changes and limited budgets all affect your team’s ability to find a solution to an unexpected problem. Zerowait’s team will listen to your problem and tell you whether we can fix it, or not. Our engineers focus on finding you a reliable solution quickly, which sometimes takes the commitment to work an all-nighter.

Over the last few months, we have been working with a customer who had a misconfigured storage device that affected their inventory and operations systems. This customer ships out thousands of orders per day and these systems are critical to their business. Over the last couple of years, the customer experienced rapid business growth, network configuration changes, and infrastructure upgrades. Since the staff was also changing during all this, documentation was incomplete.

Our engineering team helped them create a list of the issues and interconnections between them and worked with the customer to prioritize the application of solutions. Creating the list and priorities also helped build documentation that can be referenced in future when troubleshooting. During this process we uncovered that the root cause was from legacy configurations, which were corrected. We also included reporting tools to help them avoid similar problems in the future.

Zerowait’s team is committed to providing reliable long-term solutions to our customers. We know what has worked in the past and can mine our database of solutions that we have provided from our over three decades of solving networking, infrastructure, and data storage problems to help resolve your issues.

If you are looking for an engineering services company that will solve your problems today and provide long-term reliable solutions the Zerowait team may have the talent and experience, you are looking for. Please contact us if you are looking for a reliable engineering solutions provider. Give us a call at +1 302-996-9408 or email us at

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