Can You Fix It? Yes, We Can!

Finding Solutions

Can You Fix It? Yes, We Can!

When your team encounters a problem that affects your ability to store and access your critical data, there is a good chance that Zerowait has already solved a similar problem. We will listen to your situation and provide an honest, straightforward recommendation to fix the issue.

For example, last month I was in Virginia talking to a customer about networking and permissions problems that were affecting their global network, storage, and operations efficiency. Prior to my visit, our engineers and the customer had several months of conversations to uncover the root causes of the problem and help them devise a solution.

The customer experienced a rapid series of personnel changes, a departmental restructuring of architectural responsibility, and some hardware changes. While working through this, a roadblock occurred with permissions. They had a workaround, but it was not as secure as they would like.

While onsite, I reviewed a solution that our engineering team recommended, part of which entailed a few specialized appliances we could build for them over the next few months. Change does not have to be painful. Our team works hard to provide pain-free solutions that make things easier, and our customers tell us that they appreciate our approach.

Zerowait’s team has been solving network and data storage problems for over three decades. Based on our experience working with organizations like ours, we will listen to your concerns and provide you with the best options.

If you would like to meet for a conference call, in person meeting or a lunch meeting please contact us using the information below.

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