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NAB 2024
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Over the last few months, I have been traveling a lot. As you probably have noticed, inflation has returned to the USA. In some ways, it seems nastier than the inflation of the 1970s. Have you rented a car at PHX lately? I stopped there on the way to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention and things are pricey in both cities for the traveler—hotels, cars, fuel, food. I was particularly struck by the prices in Vegas, which had in years back been able to keep travel costs low to drive customers to the casinos. But that seems out the window now. The point of this is not just to complain! It is what it is. The point is that inflation affects everything, and we have no idea when it will subside again. Businesses must plan and find ways to continue in the meantime. At the same time, technology is rapidly changing. AI and robotics, which were big topics at the NAB show, seem poised to be involved in everything, from making movies to analyzing massive data sets to making food and more.As it usually does, economic history seems to be repeating itself, but is it just me, or are these inflationary changes happening faster—in internet time—than in the 1970s? Plus, the effects have rapidly gone global, and we see this clearly in business. The costs of electricity and fuel intersect with the costs of delivery of parts and inventory and the costs of running a data center or even just a few servers. Every business is affected and needs to make difficult decisions about how to cut costs, without affecting customer services and delivered quality. Inflation is like fighting a war: it requires rapid innovation in processes to adapt to changing economic battlefields. Zerowait provides the tools and talent to help you change direction quickly, if needed, to help you overcome the economic hurdles that affect your network and storage infrastructure.

It is inevitable that AI and robotics will be adopted to increase productivity and to reduce workplace accidents and risks. With the increase in automation there will be an increase in data storage and interconnectivity. The growth of AI will require more storage on site for rapid AI analysis and decision making, and necessitate better data security and encryption to protect data assets in local and remote data centers.

Our customers and friends at the NAB convention recognize that beating the war on inflation while also tackling crazy rapid technology changes will be a long and difficult effort. And they know they can depend on Zerowait to help them implement proven strategies and tactics that will provide them with the tools to win both the battles and the war. If you are looking for ways to win your battles give us a call at +1 302-996-9408 or email us at


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