Where does the Buck Stop?

The Buck Stops in Grand Canyon?

As President of Zerowait it is my responsibility to make certain that our customers receive quality service and support. If a customer is not satisfied, I must figure out what happened and ensure that our solution will solve the problem. Similarly, if there’s a snag in operations, I need make sure it’s fixed before customer services are impacted.

“The Buck Stops Here” — Harry Truman

For example, occasionally we have experienced shipping damage, and this forced us to vastly improve our boxing and packing materials. Plus, we standardized on only using certain trusted carriers to improve our delivered quality. Despite all we do to protect our SimplStor and NetApp shipments, fork trucks still sometimes spear the boxes or drop pallets. When this happens we do all we can to make it right for our customers.

We wrote our system log reader/reporter about 20 years ago and have been improving it ever since. The Exception Reporter is a key tool used by our engineers, and allows faster response time and more accurate diagnoses of issues. Its automated reports also help busy administrators quickly check the status of their NetApp and SimplStor systems. Many of the improvements to Exception Reporter arose from customer requests. One lesson we learned is the importance of documenting our programs, procedures, and changes, so as to keep track of what was requested to avoid mission creep. Delivering quality is delivering the solution the customer needs. Our goal is to help our clients avoid problems, but when they have a problem to provide a viable solution quickly.

“At Zerowait the buck stops here.” — Mike Linett

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at sales@zerowait.com.

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