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I am often asked in meetings with big companies, “Why should we work with Zerowait?” The short answer is that big companies need small companies to get things done quickly. The long answer is that the Zerowait team has been working with networks and storage for over thirty years and we understand generations of infrastructure technology and their idiosyncrasies and how to make them work together.In the 1990’s technology and standards were changing quickly, and our team developed and deployed networks that included load balancing and storage. Network Attached Storage (NAS) became our specialty and we deployed and supported NetApp equipment around the globe.

When the 2008 financial crisis occurred, our customers’ IT budgets shrunk dramatically, and our third-party NetApp support business grew. By 2010, we had become recognized as a leader in NetApp third party support with parts depots in the USA, Australia and the UK. At the same time, we started development of SimplStor storage products to provide a flexible, reliable, and scalable storage solution to our customers looking for an alternative to the costs of proprietary NetApp and EMC equipment. While some customers look at cloud solutions, many wanted to stay with on-premise storage for security, speed, and other business reasons.

And now here we are in the mid-2020s and the cloud seems costly and complex. For many dissatisfied cloud customers, the prize at the end of the rainbow is on-premise storage. The technology has evolved over the last 30 years, and Zerowait is still providing customers with affordable, scalable, and reliable network and storage solutions.

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