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Here’s a note that we received a few days ago from one of our long-term (13 years!) NetApp support customers:

”I deal with a lot of service providers and I have to say that Zerowait has been the best. You have all been very helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, and perhaps most importantly an absolute pleasure to deal with.”
–PM, San Francisco CA –10/31/23

At Zerowait our responsibility is to provide our customers with high reliability storage hardware and support. For over thirty years our team has been tinkering with computers and networks which has continuously broadened our knowledge of systems, software, firmware, and support. We practice what we preach and run SimplStor and NetApp storage in our own data center.

Last month I met with a customer at a university to talk about SimplStor.
One of the reasons he was thinking about switching vendors is that every time he calls his current vendor for a replacement part or tech support, he has to go through several layers of personnel before reaching a knowledgeable person who can actually take care of his issue. This generally happens because larger companies think of customer service and support as a cost. What they value is sales of new equipment. At Zerowait, we think the opposite. For us it’s all about helping customers.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at

Over 20 years providing NetApp Service and Support 
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