Right Tiering your Storage to Match Usage

It is hard to argue with the logic of storage tiering. The consensus among storage experts is that most stored data is not active data and that it makes economic sense to store it on cheaper disk, tape, or some sort of less expensive storage media. At Zerowait we call this process Right Tiering.

Some organizations tier to public cloud storage providers, and some enterprises try to build their own storage clouds for their storage tiers. But reducing costs for storage is a major concern for all types of customers and each rationalizes their costs, and the security risks of public cloud storage in their own way.

From this Register article it seems that many customers are looking for ways to tier their own storage internally on reliable affordable disks, as Chris Mellor mentions:

“At Western Digital’s executive forum event in Vienna today, a person close to WD said: “In our business 15,000rpm drives are not all dead. In the 2.5-inch, 15K enterprise disk drive area the market is growing. This view is diametrically opposed to the idea – espoused by NetApp a couple of years ago – that disk drive array storage would evolve to flash-and-trash, with primary data stored on flash and everything else on big, fat SATA drives.”

Zerowait’s domestic and international NetApp customers are embracing our SimplStor products as an affordable high reliability Disk Storage solution’s for their archiving and secondary storage needs. And our government customers agree with Nathan Eddy that their storage is growing :

“Agencies need to look at big data solutions that can help them efficiently process, analyze, manage and access data, enabling them to more effectively execute their missions.”

How often do Big Business and Government agree on something? Zerowait’s Government and Business customers agree that Tier one Storage is too expensive. Tthe Federal Government, and most companies with large data storage needs can no longer afford Tier One storage for all of their data storage. As budgets are getting slashed more government agencies, and Corporate IT departments are being forced to Right Tier their storage resources and put archival storage and secondary storage on affordable storage solutions like SimplStor.

If you are looking for a simple way to save on storage, please give us a call or drop us an email.

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