A Reputation Is Earned Over Time


Earned Reputations
Last month, I was speaking to a Canadian customer about his NetApp technical support requirements, and he mentioned that the OEM’s support seems to be in decline. He also said that the well-known organization that he uses for his network support can take a week to get back to him. Yikes.

Unfortunately, we’re all experiencing something similar. Even consumer sales support is getting worse. For example, recently I tried to order a second pair of eyeglass lenses from an online company in New York that I have used in the past–the last time less than two weeks ago. I put the order in, paid online, and almost immediately received an automated request for my prescription—i.e., the one I had sent them a couple of weeks ago. They will not answer their phone or respond to emails asking them to simply duplicate the last order. Instead, a few hours later I received an automated email that they are going to cancel my order. This was after I mailed my old frames to them for the new lenses to be made and fit.

At Zerowait, we make sure we answer our phones and respond to emails and texts from customers and prospects. We grew our business by focusing on a small niche and providing responsive, well-thought-out answers to our customers’ questions, thus solving their technical issues and providing good value with our NetApp and SimplStor hardware solutions and support.

If you need excellent technical support for storage hardware I hope you will give us a try. Our goal is to solve your problem, and I hope we can demonstrate why so many of our customers are still working with us for a decade or more after their first call.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at sales@zerowait.com.


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