Ready for Spring Savings?

Ready for Spring Savings?

Our customers are looking for three things:

  • Reliable, high-quality NetApp legacy support.
  • Semi-custom storage solutions that fit their specific requirements.
  • Storage administration and engineering assistance.

Legacy NetApp support
A couple of years back, a customer of ours changed to another support provider. When he left Zerowait Parts Assurance, his system was configured correctly, and all drives were working. After two years with this other support vendor, he came to us for help. His Autosupport showed that one of his filer’s shelves were not configured correctly and there were failed drives in the system. The customer had lots of problems with the other support provider, and has now renewed with us! Our customer found that the not so well-hidden secret of a low price is that system reliability has costs that need to be considered.

Semi-Custom Storage Solutions
Some of our SimplStor customers have been working with us to bring their products to market. They need a high-quality hardware solution with outstanding support that can be customized for their specific needs. They learned that dealing with hardware component manufacturers to meet their needs can get really confusing. Our engineers have been designing semi-custom hardware solutions for our customers for over a decade. Zerowait builds our solutions to last a long time and we provide excellent support. If you are looking for a special purpose hardware solution, give us a call and we’ll review your options with you. You will be glad you did!

Storage Administration and Engineering Services
Due to a marketplace shortage of experienced data storage engineers, we have been helping an increasing number of customers with staffing gaps in their storage management and administration teams. Our engineers recently implemented a dedupe and snapmirror solution which solved a backup stacking problem without adding to the costs of bandwidth. If you have a sticky problem with storage, let us know.

Our customers deserve quality service and support, and our team is always working on our systems, tools, and documentation to improve the services that our customers require.

We are looking forward to working with you. Please contact us at +1 302-996-9408 or by email at

Over 20 years providing NetApp Service and Support 
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