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One thing three decades in IT gives you is perspective. Over that time our industry has swung like a pendulum, into and out of dozens of computing trends. With the waning of COVID-19 over the next few months, I predict the next swing in the IT pendulum will include a mixture of hosted cloud solutions and the rebuilding of neglected on-prem capabilities.

The pandemic last year drove many into the cloud with stunning speed; some of our customers told us they had no other alternative. After a few months, our customers and friends who felt they had been forced into NetApp’s cloud offerings told us of the costs and complications of dealing with AWS and NetApp, and myriad other problems. They asked us to create an easy to install, full-featured solution. With our customers’ input we created our AWS Amazon Machine Image (AMI) SimplStor ZFS solution. It’s the Next Generation of Copy on Write without NetApp’s high costs and license fees.

Zerowait’s SimplStor ZFS, deployed as an AWS AMI product, offers an affordable AWS cloud storage alternative. Not only is it less expensive than the proprietary vendors’ cloud offerings, it brings with it many features and benefits that make it easy to store, migrate and manage your critical data assets.

Our SimplStor ZFS is a bargain, wherever it is (cloud or on-prem), and we can easily help you migrate your filer’s data. Additionally, when you are done with your migration, we will provide a trade-in value for your system, adding to our warehouse filled with replacement parts for customers who want us to maintain their legacy NetApp systems. Recycling, only better!

Further, if you need a newer NetApp filer with transferable software licenses, we have those as well. Whether you need on-site or cloud storage everything we sell is thoroughly tested by the storage experts at Zerowait.

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