Has your NetApp Support Lapsed?

Do you need to survive an unexpected NetApp support lapse?

If you are looking for an affordable NetApp hardware support contract, we have been doing exactly that for 21 years! Do you need support for 3 months, 6 months, or for an entire year? Zerowait has you covered.

Maybe you need another NetApp controller? We do that, too! Do you need more NetApp storage capacity? Yes, we do that! Need expert NetApp advice or data migration assistance? We do that, too! Whatever NetApp needs you’ve encountered, Zerowait has you covered at prices you can afford even after IT budgets have been slashed.

As your FAS/V/AFF ages, two things happen. First, NetApp will turn up the heat and pressure you into an expensive and disruptive upgrade. And second, the expansion capacity, upgrades and replacement parts you need become harder and harder to find. Zerowait won’t ever push you into a costly or disruptive upgrade, because we NEVER announce “End of Support” on NetApp products! And we aren’t like those sketchy eBay sources, Zerowait tests and guarantees everything we sell.

Your business depends on that data. Don’t gamble with it: Zerowait is a company you can trust. After supporting NetApp users like you 24×7 for two decades, we are the affordable NetApp experts you can depend on.

Whenever you need expert NetApp help and don’t have money to burn, give us a call. Zerowait has many ways to help you survive these painful budget surprises.

Email sales@zerowait.com or call 1.888.811.0808 to learn more.

Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support 
Affordable NetApp Monitoring!
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