Stick to Your Knitting

Stick to your knitting is an old English phrase meaning to “concentrate on a familiar area of activity rather than diversify; mind one’s own business” (Google Dictionary). Our customers have come to us for support of their NetApp equipment in some of the most demanding environments for over 20 years, and they have been adding our SimplStor storage hardware to their NetApp environments for over a decade. Why? Because we continue to focus on what we do best: on-premise storage support and sales.

Many of the “Bigs” in the storage business chase the latest hype and change their product lines and business models to match the hype instead of their customer’s needs. They leave their knitting behind and pick up wood-carving AND pottery AND basket-weaving! Meanwhile, their support suffers, and myriad products come out too fast, prone to bugs. Bigs are trapped in this cycle. They can’t help it: Keeping the stock price up pretty much demands they be able to parrot the latest buzz and sell shiny objects. As a privately held company, though, Zerowait can focus on our customer’s needs, optimizing both the performance and longevity of their current storage investment, and assisting them in adding to their storage pool as needed.

Who has a better understanding of your requirements and challenges than you do? At Zerowait we stick to our knitting and provide on premise storage and services that matches your requirements instead of the latest techy fad.

Zerowait provides EOL support for NetApp filers!ONE — Knitting hasn’t gone out of style!

Fashions change, but there will always be sweaters and scarves. They’re basic, like data storage. As you recall, it was not that long ago that NetApp sold you on their on-premise storage. Now they claim that’s old news, push Hybrid Cloud and say the equipment you have is end of life. But is it? Probably not. If you like your on-premise storage Zerowait has the expertise, parts and systems to provide support for the long term.

7-Mode Special: Start any new support contract for a NetApp 7-Mode system and get 15% off annual pricing. Applies to old and new customers. New system contracts only.

Licensed filers in Stock TWO – Choice of needles makes a difference!

Just as needles come in all shapes and sizes, Zerowait’s transferable licensed NetApp systems and upgrades can customize your storage to enhance the performance and capacity of your existing hardware.

Shelf/Drive Special:

  • DS4243 w/ 24 x X306A (2TB SATA): $1,295
  • DS4243 w/ 24 x X411A (450GB 15K SAS): $395

Transferable Licensed Filer Special:

      • FAS6240HA Dual Chassis w/IOXM, Dual Controller, Cluster: Only $6,995
        Data OnTap 7-Mode. Licenses: NFS, CIFS, FCP, ISCSI, A-SIS, NearStore, ClusterFailover, ClusterFailover_REMOTE, HTTP


  • The above FASA6420HA and 4 x DS4243 w/X306A (approximately 100TB usable) for only $9,995 (Save over $2000)

To see more Transferable Licensed Systems and details on these systems click here.SimplStor Storage the affordable big storage solution

THREE – A stitch in time saves you money!

Okay, so that one is a stretch. On the other hand, when it comes time to add on-premise storage, it pays to look at the options available from other storage vendors. Is your current vendor focused on Hype or on affordable and efficient storage solutions to meet your requirements? Zerowait’s SimplStor is built on our flexible platforms and includes outstanding call home diagnostic capabilities and is backed by the best service and support company in the NAS business.

432TB SimplStor Linux Server — $36,995

This CentO/S Server offers 36 – 12TB SATA drives, 4GB Cache Raid controller, Mirrored SSD’s for the O/S, Redundant Power Supplies, Hot Swap Drive bays and all the apabilities of CentO/S in only 4U.

  • Controller includes 2 Intel Quad Core Processors and 32GB RAM.
  • Includes dual 10GbE ports.
  • RHEL/Windows Server available at an additional charge.
  • Includes First Year SimplSupport – Monitoring, 24/7 access to engineering, and NBD (Next Business Day) parts replacement.
  • Click here to tell us more about your application, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Over the last twenty years technology has changed, and many storage and networking market leaders have come and gone, but Zerowait continues to grow because we put our customers’ requirements first every day.

If you are looking for custom-tailored solutions to fit your on-premises storage and support requirements, please click on this link to contact us with a time/date, or simply give us a call at 888.811.0808.

Our 20th year providing NetApp Service and Support 
Affordable NetApp Monitoring!
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