SEG 2012 Show

This week was pretty busy for Zerowait’s  European and American Sales teams.  We were all attending the SEG show  in Las Vegas and we were busy the whole time.  The Oil and Gas business represents a major portion of Zerowait’s Global business and the SEG show allows us a chance to catch up with our customers and friends from Europe, Australia, Asia and throughout North America.

Just about everyone we spoke to is trying to deal with managing expanding storage requirements and very tight budgets and our customers are embracing both our Legacy NetApp Support and also our SimplStor products.

During the trade show we also launched   a  Press Release with Dial America which is one of our  SimplStor customers in NJ. Dial America is not in the Oil and Gas business, but our customers at the show could relate to the issues of storage costs and capacity that our friends at Dial America are dealing with .

“Our old tape backup solution was painful to deal with because it was complex to reliably restore files and expensive to maintain” said Gerhard Lindenmayer, Information Security Officer at DialAmerica. “It would take hours to perform recoveries from tape – it was a 20th century solution for a 21st century company. Zerowait’s SimplStor disk archive provided an easy way to reduce cost and complexity while increasing backup and recovery performance.”

With data center space always at a premium, DialAmerica knows the storage density of Zerowait’s SimplStor (338TB raw in only 16U) will help them reduce their raised floor space and increase their operating efficiency. Thomas Conway, DialAmerica’s CIO says “Zerowait’s SimplStor provides us with cost efficient storage for our big data, and is backed by a company we have worked with for a decade”.

If you are looking for an affordable  storage  alternative to the high priced OEM solutions our SimplStor product line is worth a look. SimplStor is  being embraced by customers around the world for a variety of applications in Video FX business, Manufacturing businesses, Oil and Gas sector, and Hi Tech niche businesses.

It was great seeing our Oil and Gas  friends in Las Vegas, we are looking forward to next year’s SEG show in Houston.

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